Friday, July 18, 2014

A Ramadhan To Remember (A tribute to Palestine)

dengan nama Allah huraikanlah segala simpulan akal dan hati.

assalamualaikum and hye.

i always wonder how does it feels like to wake up on the morning,knowing that you may not survive until the end of the day.

i wonder how does it feels like to live under the thunders of bombs and rockets,not knowing any other place to go for shelter,including your own home.

i wonder how much iman does one need to stay firm and strong by himrself,despite the thousands of israelis who are against him,the bias media,and the blind world.

i wonder how does it feels like to lose the family members in front of your eyes, because they are being shot or bombed,causing them to feel a severe and continuous pain before their death.

i wonder how does it feels like to fast when you have nothing for suhoor and iftar,no electrical and water supplies,no money and no food,at all.

i wonder how much faith does one have when he keeps saying la ila ha illallah when everything goes wrong and no one seems to be beside him.

i wonder how much courage does it takes to keep the faith as high as it can,believing that Allah is with you,even with thousands and thousand of israel soldiers and modern weapons infront of you.

and to the martyrs,i wonder what are you guys doing in Jannah.the life there must be a lot better than the world,right?please save one place for me,because i would love to live with the beautiful souls who died as syuhada'.

dear palestinians,
you guys are the hero in my heart.all my thoughts and payers goes to you guys.i always envy you guys because Allah honours you to die in the best way(as a martyr),in the best month(ramadhan),while you are defending the best place(Al-Aqsa).

may Allah bless the soul of the martyrs and keep the living one strong,so that they can witness the victoory of Palestine and Islam,soon insyaAllah.

we've got your back,
much love and support from Malaysia :)

your sister in Islam,
Afifah Daim,Ramadhan 1435 H.

(p/s;excuse my terrible english because i haven't practise it for years)

syukran jazilan kathiran=))

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