Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hye.

So here's a short and quick update.Nothing much pun,just putting some feelings into words.



No matter how life distracts you,
Close your eyes,
Push away the temptations,
Close your eyes and run,
Run away from seduction,
Run away from glamour and greed,
Run away from pleasing the nafs,
Close your eyes and run to Allah,
You will stumble,cry,and feel lonely,
Its not easy,
Never easy.

It takes time for empty souls to find comfort in sujud,
Once you know that feeling,you'll never find anything more comforting,
Than crying on your prayer rug saying with a heart filled with faith "Ya Allah",
You know He's there,
You know He hears,
You know He understands,
You know He can change everything,anything,anytime.
And the feeling will be so comforting and therapeutic.

for being a muslim.

Fight the evil,
forgive and ask for forgiveness.
Its not easy,I know.

But remember,
just remember,
Jannah ain't cheap.

Credit to Tumblr

"Fafirru ilallah."(51:50)

teruslah berlari,
mendekat pada Ilahi.

larilah laju-laju,
menuju cinta Tuhanmu yang satu. 

Afifah Daim,

syukran jazilan kathiran=))

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