Friday, July 5, 2013

Sebenarnya kerana apa?

Bismillah,in the name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful.
dengan nama Allah huraikan simpulan hati,akal,fikiran dan lidahku.

Assalamualaikum pretty souls.

instrumental di saat aku mencintaimu-dadali

I've been keeping this thoughts for quite a long time.I don't know,I guess I just want to express the things that I have in mind,the things I've been carrying in my back and the things trappped in my heart.this entry might be pointless to some of you.sorry to dissapoint.

Have you ever had that feeling,
when you feel like be away from social networks,to escape from your life-the reality and the people around you.all you wanted to do is going to a place alone,where no one lives.You don't feel like talking to anyone,not even your mother.Its just one of those days you would lie on the floor and staring at the empty ceiling,feeling nothing.

Have you ever had that feeling,
when you feel like not good enough,thinking about how bad your past was,how many mistakes you had done,regretting every single even wish that you could build a time machine,to rewind everything.To go back to page 1 and start everything all over again.To go back and fix every single mistakes.To go back and relive your life.

Have you ever had that feeling,
when night is the battle between you and your inner self.You would cry yourself to sleep,and hope not to wake up on the next day,because life seems so meaningless.

Have you ever had that feeling,
when you tried so hard on something,but things just don't happen the way you expect them to be.Things get complicated,your vision started to be blurry,you lose your spirit and feel like not putting effort in doing anything,anymore.Your emotion is way too intense and you were just .................................................. lost.

Have you ever had that feeling,
when there seems nobody cares.everyone is busy with their life,you started to feel like nobody knows you just cant talk to people,nobody understands you,nobody knows what you feel like.Its an awful feeling.Even the walls don't want to accompany you.

Have you ever had these feelings?
It hurts,so much.i know.
Because I was there(and sometimes still am).

But do you know the secret behind all of this chaos?Knowing that Allah is actually telling you that He wants you to be alone with Him.because sometimes people-when we get too attached to people,we start to move further from He wants you to turn back to Him.He wants you to depend only to Him.He wants you to keep the highest faith only in Him.He takes away the people that you love in your life so that it would be just the two of you.I found this too sweet,subhanallah.Hold on,for just a little bit more.If you really keep your full trust in Him,He will show you the way.He will return everything you've lost,with something Him.

"..and remember me,I will remember you."(2:152)

So to all of you who has been dumped,who feels alone,who are heartbroken,who gives up on life,who lost everything you've never imagined losing-turn to Allah,there's no any other strength besides from Him.La haula wala quwwata illa billah.He's the one who is capable in doing anything.I mean,isn't He the one who makes the fire cool for Ibrahim?Isn't He the one who split the seas for Musa?Isn't He the one who change Isma'il with a lamb?

so,will you not trust Him?

And when you feel weak,here's the most interesting part,you start to seek for strength.that you decide to make out some privacy time with Him;tahajjud.when you are alone with Him,in the night.He chose you to wake up and bow to Him when others are sleeping.when you're in your sujud,feeling so sad,telling Him about everything,every single thing that keeps lingering in your mind,about your worries,your sorrows,your anxiousness,your problems,pouring your heart out,spilling like just everything.and you feel His love so deep,there in your heart,He's hugging inside.subhanallah,there's no words that can describe this beautiful.He's there,He listens and He understands.He's there,always was,always will.Its just us who didn't realize.sayang kan?

"Your life is nothing more than a love story between you and Allah.Every pain,everyperson,every experience,every gift,every sorrows,every heartbroken,is sent to your path for some reason-to bring you back to Allah." (Yasmin Mogahed)

so chin up,head high.


*apologise me because i'm a noob in can find lots and lots of grammatical error and misuse of words-here and there.but hey,i'm trying my best.and this is the best that i could yeah.if pergi google translate tapi dia tak boleh translate faham faham je lah k.

syukran jazilan kathiran=))


  1. *tears* awak kenapa baik sangat?your writings are inspiring :)

    1. trust me,i'm nothing.

      those words come from Allah.not me.all praises due to Allah :)

  2. True, sometimes we felt lonely because we tend to forgot that Allah is actually with us. He hears us. He knows everything. Thank you for opening my mind ;)

    1. kan?

      alhamdulillah all praises due to Allah :)

  3. Siapa yang cipta iblis?Siapa yang cipta dosa dan siapa yang cipta nikmat. Sama ada nikmat itu satu kesilapan dosa haram atau halal. Pokok pangkalnya ia adalah sebahagian nikmat yang Allah cipta.

    Walaupun ia adalah kesilapan tapi saya rasa bertuah Allah beri saya ruang untuk menikmati dosa itu kemudian membuka jalan taubat.

    I am part of his creature and i want to feel everything that Allah had create.

    Without mistake i don't feel my life is complete.

    I was happy with my past but still sad because nothing change in my life today.

    1. Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal.

      semoga apa je yang bakal kita hadapi lepas ni,akan buka lebih banyak peluang supaya mendekatiNya ^^